Community Support


The Community Support program works in partnership with other service providers to develop and deliver flexible mental health services that are responsive to unmet and emerging needs of children from birth to age 12 and their families. Program goals are to assist families in establishing and achieving their goals for the healthy development of their children; to enable children to function more successfully in all social contexts (home, school, neighbourhood); and to enhance the capacity of the community to promote the healthy development of children.

The services strive to be accessible to all families in relation to location, literacy level and cultural sensitivity. Areas of service include:

Shelter Services
Program provides parenting groups; children’s groups, brief counselling, staff consultation and training to school and shelter staff.

School Services
Program provides parenting workshops and presentations; parenting groups; class wide anti-bullying and social skills programs; staff training.

Community Agencies
Program provides parent education, parent groups and participates in community development activities.

For further information about our Community Support Program contact 416-321-5464, ext. 281.