Family Play Mobile

Van with shelving of toys

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bay Street Fore a Cau$e once again for the generous donation of the van. Thanks for all your generosity and hard work to make your 9th Annual Golf Tournament such a great success for kids and families in Scarborough. Without your dedication and support, the Family Play Mobile would not be possible. 

The Family Play Mobile has been retrofitted with shelving and stocked with books, craft materials and toys that promote the healthy development of children from birth to age 12.  We’ve also purchased a laptop and scanning software to help manage our library inventory. 

Our trained professional staff load and organize the Family Play Mobile with therapeutic toys, games, books, electronics and crafts in preparation for their visit to various shelters where families who are homeless are living.

Children living in the shelters arrive with few belongings, often because they are fleeing domestic violence and mostly due to severe poverty. Items available through the mobile library will provide an incredible boost to their lives. 

Toys, games, books, electronics and crafts are lent and/or donated to the children at the shelters.  For this reason, we welcome donations of toys, games, books, electronics and crafts to replenish the supply.  We are also looking for monetary donations that will help with the van costs like gas, maintenance and insurance. 

To donate and/or for more information please contact Helen Correia by email at or call 416-321-5464, ext. 253.